Part 2: Believing in Caregiver Influence - La Fuerza de Familias Latinas

Part 2: Believing in Caregiver Influence

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At la Fuerza de Familias Latinas we believe that parents are the most important influence in their children’s early learning and development. However, many Spanish-speaking caregivers are not receiving this message. When parents feel pride and confidence in themselves and their culture, their children benefit in many ways. Believing in their influence, is often the first step to overcoming challenges and giving children a healthy and strong start in life. Every child needs a hero.

Watch this 40-second video from our Moments of Connection series, called “Cree en tí” which means “Believe in Yourself” which we created to remind caregivers of their powerful influence over their child’s life.

Click on the NOTES to respond to the following questions:

  • Reflection on Caregiver Influence: What might prevent a parent from recognizing their influence over their child’s education? What might prevent them from seizing their power after they have been made aware of it?
  • Caregivers Navigating Special Circumstances: What are the additional challenges faced by immigrant parents of children with disabilities/receiving special services?