STORY: The Power of Story - La Fuerza de Familias Latinas

STORY: The Power of Story

The inspiration for our Family Engagement Workshops is a social purpose mini-series or telenovela called, La Fuerza de Creer [The Power of Believing] watched by 1.4 million viewers on Univision. We created the 5-episode series in collaboration with Too Small to Fail and VROOM with embedded positive parenting messages about child development to promote early literacy and school readiness. The story takes place in an early childhood center of the beloved community center called Los Lagos. Viewers watch the characters transform as they recognize the powerful influence they have over the children in their lives. Our workshop lessons feature clips of these characters engaged in literacy-rich activities with children.

Click to Watch the Trailer of La Fuerza de Creer 2

Bandura & The Sabido Method

Why a telenovela? We draw inspiration from the methods employed by Miguel Sabido for creating social purpose media and Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory described in the chapter below.

READ:  Bandura, A. (2004). Social Cognitive Theory for Personal and Social Change by Enabling Media. In A. Singhal, M. J. Cody, E. M. Rogers, & M. Sabido (Eds.), Entertainment-education and social change: History, research, and practice (pp. 75–96). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers.